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Webster County 4-H Camp pictures from 2012, 2013, and 2014.

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Office Information

WVU Extension Service
Webster County Office
114 Bennett Avenue
PO Box 348
Webster Springs, WV 26288

Phone 304-847-2727
FAX 304-847-2727
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 4:30
Driving Directions

WVU Serving all 55 of West Virginia’s Counties

The WVU Extension Service provides programs in 4-H Youth Development, Families and Health, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Community, Economic and Workforce Development with support from West Virginia University faculty and staff. WVU also maintains a historic special-mission campus at WVU Jackson’s Mill Center for Lifelong Learning and State 4-H Camp, near Weston, West Virginia.

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Extension knowledge can be found online through eXtension, a portal to the nation’s largest information system staffed by Extension experts. Anywhere you find the button below, you can link to eXtension!

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Extension in Your Community

4-H Basketball Days
It’s that time of year again…4-H Basketball Days!!!!

We have two games available this year:

WVU vs. Delaware State Women’s Basketball Day
When…......November 14, 2015
Where….....WVU Coliseum
Who….......4-H Members and Families
What….......WVU/Delaware State Women’s Basketball Game
Cost…........$25.00 per person
Package…..Game Ticket, 4-H Hoodie, and Insurance
Deadline…..November 1, 2015
Registration: Game Time Has Not Been Set Yet
Checks Payable to: WV 4-H Alumni Association

WVU vs. Marshall Women’s Basketball Day
When…......December 13, 2015
Where….....Charleston Civic Center
Who….......4-H Members and Families
What….......WVU/Marshall Women’s Basketball Game
Cost…........$25.00 per person
Package…..Game Ticket, 4-H Hoodie, and Insurance
Deadline…..December 1, 2015
Registration: Game Time Has Not Been Set Yet
Checks Payable to: WV 4-H Alumni Association

If you or your club would like to register for the games, please call the Extension Office (304-847-2727).

4-H Officers Training School
Being held this year on November 2nd, the 4-H Officers Training School will start at 6pm in the Dining Hall at Camp Caesar. If you are an officer (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Song Leader, Recreation Leader, and/or Health Officer) for your club, you need to attend this night of learning and fun. If you do not currently hold an officer positions but would still like to come and learn, you are welcome to join us!!!

4-H Recognition Banquet
The 4-H Recognition Banquet is a celebration of 4-H achievements from the 2014/2015 4-H year. The evening will start at 6:00pm on November 7th with dinner and then move into the entertainment and recognitions. Logan Given will be our Mister of Ceremonies this year and our entertainment well organized by our Teen Leaders!!
So everyone needs to come out for a great Camp Caesar Thanksgiving dinner, fun group, entertainment and wonderful recognition of the 2013/2014 4-H year!!!

Webster County Extension on Facebook!
Don’t forget to ‘like’ WVU Webster County Extension Service on Facebook!! You’ll get updates about Webster County Extension events and information along with, the most important of all, updates about Webster County 4-H!!!! Right now Webster County Extension is asking for pictures from this year’s 4-H camp and other 4-H activities from this past year. So click over to the WVU Webster County Extension Service page, ‘like’ them, and post your ideas!!

Part of the National Cooperative Extension System

WVU’s Webster County Extension Office is part of the national land-grant system. Each office has the same mission as its foundation: to help people put knowledge to work. On our web site, we also link you to eXtension, a link to a national clearinghouse on Extension Service information, gathered by Extension Agents across the United States. With more than 3,000 county offices in the USA, the National Cooperative Extension System is the local front door for many citizens to their state land-grant institutions.

All universities engage in research and teaching, but the nation’s more than 100 land-grant colleges and universities including WVU, have another critical mission: Extension. Extension means reaching out, and along with teaching and research land-grant institutions extend their resources, solving public needs with college or university resources through local programs.